Ekoefekt BIO 190 Ekodesign (105-210 kW)

Optimal regulated power 105-210 kW.

Fuel: brown coal, mixture of forest chips and brown coal.

The boilers meet the ecodesign directive.

EKOEFEKT boilers are intended for comfortable, ecological and economic heating under minimal requirements for boiler service. The basic principle of EKOEFEKT boilers is a unique construction with cylindrical rotating grate.

Batching of fuel can be executed by:
a) gravity – hopper is located on the boiler above the combustion area and fuel falls directly on the grate
b) screw feeders – screw feeder transports the fuel from hopper and batches it into the combustion area (on the grate)

Rotating movement of the grate enables self-gravity supply of fuel and simultaneous displacement of burnt ash without any further mechanical drive. Three-tensile system of heat exchange reaches up to 90% of effectiveness. Vertical heat exchanger of exhausts limits the dust settling which increases the service comfort. Fuel combustion is taking place on the grate surface while having sufficient supply of air and under controllable length – this means absolute burn and usage of all flammable substances contained in the coal. High efficiency of burning and dust-free boiler operation is ensured by flue gas exhaust fan drilled to the chimney. The boiler is equipped by regulation which enables operate the boiler under the set regime as for heating as for production of warm service water. The boiler meets the strict emission criteria with reserve when combusting the brown coal. The boiler usually lights up once a year when the hating season starts. Fuel supply in the hopper is refilled usually in 1-3 days along required performance. The power supply of 400V is needed for operation. The boiler stays in subdued status for 24 hours when power failure happens. Boiler re-burns again along an automatic heating regulation without any operation intervention. Boilers are produced in left or right design. Fuel tank size can be adjusted along requirements of the customer. Boilers can be cascaded so that it can work as backup heating source.

We provide 2 years guarantee for all EKOEFEKT products, 5 years for boilers solids and 48 hours service through the whole Czech Republic too.

Ekoefekt BIO 190 ekodesign

Rated power

210 kW

Optimal regulated power

105 - 210 kW

Fuel consumption

20 - 40 kg/h

Optimal heated space

4500 m3

Efficiency in depending on fuel

90 %

Capacity of the fuel tank (standard)

1000 liters

Max. overpressure of heating water

200 kPa

Max. heating water temperature

95 °C

Boiler noise (ventilator)

75 dB


2800 kg

Boiler height with hopper (stand.)

3000 mm

Boiler width with hopper (stand.)

1500 mm

Depth of boiler with hopper (stand.)

3455 mm

Inlet and outlet water

DN 80

Smoke flue diameter

150 mm

Flue gas temperature

120 - 150 °C

Flue gas flow rate

0,1 kg/s

Input power


Water volume

1500 liters

Recommended fuel

brown coal - nut 2


grain size 5 - 25 mm

Boiler class


Spare fuel


All data is only informational.




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 Certificate - ekodesign

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