Ekoefekt 24 Ekodesign

Optimal regulated power 5-29 kW.

Fuel: brown coal - nut 2.

The boilers meet the ecodesign directive.

An important part of unique EKOEFEKT 24 boilers is special rotating grate. Boilers with cylindrical grate are suitable for brown coal Nut 2 combustion. Small amount of fuel slowly slides down from hopper to the grate thanks to gravitation; the fuel perfectly burns out here while maintaining thin layer of fuel. The grate is distinguished by special segmental cylindrical construction, his rotating movement ensures automatic fuel supplement from hopper and removal of burnt ash to the ashtray area. Adjustable combustion is taking part on the grate always under controlled air supply which supports the course of burn and absolute combustion of all flammable substances in brown coal contained. The ash leaving the ashtray must be burnt out to grey when dosage of grate is properly set. The ash represents approx. 1/12 from the fuel amount. Lighting is executed in easy way only at the beginning of the heating season and it supplies the heating system by requested heating power after 10 minutes. The combustion is going this way: the service sets the requested temperature with regulator, boiler heats the system up this requested temperature, the boiler automatically turns off the drive of the grate and ventilator too through which the fire in the fire chamber is subdued. The boiler runs again without any intervention at the moment when the heating system is cooled down the set temperature. The boiler can be in the subdued status up to 48 hrs. but still burning. Heating power is delivered in the heating system along actual need of heat. This easy and very reliable automatic regulation provides comfortable and very economical boiler operation. This principle of regulation provides the high effectiveness of heating and security too, e.g. during unexpected blackout. The service executes only temporary control of the boiler during the heating season – this means filling the hopper and picking out the ash once in 2-3 day in average. Refilling of the fuel is processed manually with the bucket in family house, very popular is some form of conveyor when servicing more powerful unit. Users appreciate reliable and easy way of boiler regulation, refilling the fuel in a few days and low cost of heating. The possibility of automatic regulation of heating system for radiators, water warming, floor heating etc. is an advantage too.

We provide 2 years guarantee for all EKOEFEKT products, 5 years for boilers solids and 48 hours service through the whole Czech Republic too.

Ekoefekt 24 ekodesign


Rated power

29 kW

Optimal regulated power

5 - 29 kW

Fuel consumption

1 - 6 kg/h

Optimal heated space

600 m3

Efficiency in depending on fuel


Capacity of the fuel tank (standard)

150 liters

Max. overpressure of heating water

200 kPa

Max. heating water temperature

95 °C

Boiler noise (ventilator)

65 dB


450 kg

Boiler height with hopper (stand.)

1610 mm

Boiler width with hopper (stand.)

580 mm

Depth of boiler with hopper (stand.)

1445 mm

Inlet and outlet water

thread G 5/4"

Smoke flue diameter

125 mm

Flue gas temperature

110 - 160 °C

Flue gas flow rate

0,02 kg/s

Input power


Water volume

100 liters

Recommended fuel

brown coal - nut 2


grain size 5 - 25 mm

Boiler class


Price (without VAT)

71 950 CZK

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